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About The Speaker

Wong Kai Yi

Wong Kai Yi (Kaiyi) is a designer and digital artist who explores design possibilities in both reality and the virtual realm. Based in Malaysia, Kaiyi started his own design studio ‘Unreality’, focusing on architectural design, digital art and product design. His work aims to challenge the architecture paradigm and blur the boundary between art and architecture – and between virtual and reality. Kaiyi obtained his Masters of Architecture (RIBA Part 2/LAM Part 2) from the University of Sheffield (UK) in 2020. He published a joint thesis regarding energy currency, which received high commendation from the university. He was also invited as a guest speaker and panelist in external reviews for architecture students in UCSI University, KL. He is currently working as a full-time designer at Studio Hong Yi to manage and materialise the artist’s artwork. Recently, he launched the “Thank God it’s Monday” collaborative exhibition to showcase individual passion projects from the team.