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Tawatchai Kobkaikit

Tawatchai has extensive experience in landscape architecture both in Thailand and overseas. The scale of his design practice ranges from master planning to small garden design. His design philosophy lies in art and culture and the environment from which they have emerged, when commencing a project, Tawatchai always look into natural processes within and surrounding the site. His belief in mixing the influences of culture and human behavior with natural processes was first expressed in his Master of Landscape Architecture thesis, a study entitled “Wind as a Natural Process and Symbol: A Design Study of Northerly Island, Chicago ". Following the graduation of his Bachelor's degree from the Department of Landscape Architecture at Chulalongkorn University in 1993, Tawatchai then accomplished his Master's degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1996. He returned to Chulalongkorn University as a lecturer from 1996 to 2000, and later returned to the US to work for the architecture firm NBBJ in Columbus, Ohio, during 2000 and 2001. From 2001 to 2005, Tawatchai worked as a landscape architect for the SWA Group in Dallas, Texas. In 2005, he has settled in Bangkok to establish his own landscape practice and is now the Founder & Managing Director of TK STUDIO. Company Profile: TK Studio focuses on creating various outdoor experiences for all users in our design projects. The experiences depend deeply upon phenomena of the site location, the existing site’s environment, the surrounding areas, and the culture of the users. We believe that all members within the same ecosystem, not only human being but plants and other living beings, should be equally considered in the design processes which should aim to improve their quality of life. Landscape design should create resilience habitat with respect to the power of nature and accentuate its intrinsic and extrinsic values in all aspects. To us, good design has to minimize environmental impact, create sustainability, and promote natural environment for the projects. Although our designed projects range dramatically in scale and function, the core ideas to develop those projects remain the same. First, the physiography that makes up of the site: topography, hydrology, vegetation, site’s surrounding, and natural processes have to be investigated thoroughly. Next, the project’s users will be identified, for they are central to our design processes, their background, preference, and lifestyle need to be incorporated into our study. Then, design’s concept and programs will be developed according to users’ activities and site’s requirements. We realize that every property has its own uniqueness and it is landscape architect’s responsibility to discover it, so we approach each project with fresh idea to provide its own life. The new project will be different from the previous one, although the principles are unchanged. Our clients and ourselves will be challenged to go beyond any perceived limitations, to create best design solution for every project. Within our small studio, we put effort in serious research on every important issue; we start our projects with soil and water quality testing where it is necessary. We have collaborated with other professionals and experts in various fields to assure that the best design solution will be delivered to our clients. We value every team member’s idea, so our staffs are encouraged to share their thoughts and comments, throughout the processes starting from design to construction. Our studio’s approach is unique and we take customer service seriously, since we believe in establishing long term relationship with every single client.