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Sabrina & Natasha

Sabrina Viitasaari is a pioneer in a new generation of entrepreneurs. Redefining the possibilities for business and what the means for the individual, the environment and the community. With 10 years + experience in the world of tech and startups, she now the co-founder and managing partner of Nusa Sentara; a holistic environmental design and development agency dedicated to solve some of the greatest environmental challenges of today & tomorrow. Natasha Viitasaari is co-founder and Managing Partner of Nusa Sentara, a company making global impacts at the community level through Restorative Resource Development. Nusa Sentara is a design and development agency dedicated to solving some of the greatest environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. Her professional experience in diplomacy at the Embassy of Canada to Finland, allowed her to witness first hand how public private cooperation can accelerate innovation, especially in resource development. Along with her siblings, Natasha founded Nusa Sentara, a company based on their social and environmental ideals with application and solutions in Waste to Energy, Ocean Plastics and Sustainable design. Holding Master’s degrees in both Political Science and Public International Law from the University of Helsinki, Natasha has always been motivated by possibilities of change through social analysis and grass roots adaptation. She is an active member of her community and a practicing Kundalini Yoga teacher. Nusa Sentara is a Finnish environmental design and development company. We are three siblings motivated by amazing opportunities and innovations in sustainable design but with a surprising lack of implementation or follow through. The core of Nusa Sentara is to facilitate cross-border technology transfer; we are a bridge builder bringing brilliant existing innovations to opportune but less obvious markets. We are in the business of Restorative Resource Development and the creation and facilitation of Zero Waste Eco-Systems both on-line and offline. Nusa Sentara creates and nurtures connections to close the loop, making a circular solution a possibility in a previously linear system. Right now we are pretty interested in Waste, how we can minimize it on a conceptual level and in hard reality. Instead of trying to continually achieve an outdated centralized waste management system we are bringing adaptable solutions directly to our customers - removing the logistical and ecological burden of traditional collection and management methods. The best part is, that through our core tech focuses: Waste Extraction, Waste Conversion and Waste to Energy what was formerly considered Waste is now suddenly a resource. We don't see the lack of current infrastructure in our target communities as a set back, rather we see this as a prime opportunity for a community to play leap frog, completely skipping less efficient, costly, and environmentally degrading infrastructures and jumping forward to the sustainable systems that are the future. In terms of our strategy, we may be a bit unconventional, we are focusing not just on not scalability but adaptability. Scale brings to mind size, small vs big, and big is always better. A key part of the Circular Economic Model is viewing and utilising resources in a different way and this includes the management of resources every step of the way. It’s not that the economies of scale model is no longer relevant, it’s that there are new models being built for a new world and Nusa Sentara is a part of that emerging world. We want our solutions to be adaptable, just as relevant for a village cooperative, as for a state of the art sustainable urban residential development. This is how we see the Circular Economy, as giving back to the environment and its inhabitants whatever that environment is.