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Ruben Cortes

Rubén Cortés combines international experience in project management, business development, tourism and education, with a great passion for sustainability. In 2009, Rubén moved to Asia to work in the education sector promoting the triple bottom line and responsible business practices as head of the business faculty of an international university. In 2012, his interest in pragmatic and effective solutions took him back to North America to learn what is considered the most radically sustainable housing model: Earthship Biotecture. As part of the Earthship international building crew, he supported the coordination of the “Windship Project” - a reconstruction effort born as response to the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), in the Philippines. As a sustainability consultant, Ruben has complemented his biotecture and permaculture training with building efficiency and integrated environment analysis methodologies. In 2014, he partnered with Wild Asia (a Malaysian social enterprise) to found Build for Tomorrow: an organization focused on consulting services to support organizations in reducing their environmental impact in a cost-effective way. The organization has undertaken design, building, training and consulting projects for hotels, resorts, educational institutions, corporate and public sectors. As a social enterprise, Build for Tomorrow reinvests a percentage of its profits to provide underprivileged communities with drinking water, renewable energy and sewage treatment in a cost-effective way.