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Prof. Dr. Yehao Song

Professor of School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Director of SUP Atelier. Director of Institute Architecture and Technology in School of Architecture, Tsinghua University. Visiting scholar of The Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany National 1st Class Registered Architect His research focuses on sustainable design and theory both in the fields of architecture and urban design, while highly promoting the combination of modern design and vernacular architecture in China. His representative projects were awarded and honored by ARCASIA, WAF, IDA, WAN Award, AMP, DEZEEN and many other international professional awards. Representative Worklist: 2018, Swirling Cloud: Bulletin Pavilion for BJFU Garden Festival 2017, Indoor Playground of Yueyang County No.3 Middle School 2017, Village Lounge of Shangcun 2017, Passive House Pavilion of Lonfor Sundar 2016, CIFI zero-energy sustainable demonstrated building 2015, Nearly Zero Energy Building of the Gui'an Innovation Park (THE-STUDIO in Guian) 2015, Central Canteen of Tsinghua University 2012, Waterfowl Pavilion in Beijing Zoo 2004, Municipal Library in Changshu, SUP Atelier Company profile SUP Atelier, founded by Prof. Song Yehao from Tsinghua University School of Architecture in Beijing around 2011, dedicated to the research and practice on sustainable urban and architectural design. SUP Atelier explores the simultaneous sustainability of natural resources and human community through high context sensibility, modest architectural strategies, and tectonic research on natural and local materials, in relevant to integrate buildings to the environment and community livings.