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Michael Christian Simon

Michael Christian Simon, is an award winning TV Producer and TV Format Creator. And for the past 5 years, he has taken on the roll of Urban Farmer. A Penangite, Michael graduated with an English degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia. After working as a copywriter for 2 years in Penang, he left for KL to start work as a Producer in the Entertainment Department of TV3 Malaysia. Michael spent 8 years in TV3 producing big signature entertainment shows like Sinaran Passport Kegemilangan, Juara Lagu and Melodi. In 2001, he was headhunted by Channel V International to be their Executive Producer for Asia. After a 2 year stint conceptualising and producing music TV, he took on the next job as a content consultant in the exciting new channel then, 8TV just as their were starting out. He went on to conceptualise and produce shows like Latte at 8 and Malaysian Idol. After a 2 year stint with 8TV, Michael left to start his own production company, Homegrown Productions and created hit formats like Raja Lawak and Maharaja Lawak which is still among the highest rated shows on Astro today. 5 years ago, Michael started Farming in an effort to destroy the perception that organic vegetables are expensive. Homegrown Farms supplies vegetables at a much lower price to subscribers in and around the Klang Valley. He has also researched and developed numerous successful Urban Farming models which are now being implemented in a couple of states in Malaysia.