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Massimo Reverberi

Education - Political science university degree I atteended Liceo Berchet, one of the top secondary schools in Milan. After that, I went to the University of Milan, Faculty of Political Science, obtaining a degree in Business Management, with a final dissertation on business in the Information Technology age. - Entrepreneurship. I founded my first company, Prima Pagina, ( en/soci-fondatori) three years after the conclusion of my studies in Business Management. in a few years, the company turnover was more than 5 million USD, with a team of more than twenty. - Team leadership. I developed a personal approach to a high retention rate of customers and employees. A low staff turnover means self-sufficient, highly qualified, very valuable employees in charge of the project execution. - International experience. As a Client Director and CEO of Prima Pagina I had been working with International customers, mostly in the tech industry (i.e. Cisco, Iomega, EMC).