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Lex Low

After being in the hairdressing industry for over 17 years, founder of Othrs.Barbers Lex Low found himself at a barricade in his career, which almost caused him to let go of it entirely. In search of real meaning in his work, Lex decided to make a radical move. He embarked on a soul-searching adventure by going back to basics. Back to basics meant giving haircuts; just haircuts – not at a salon, and not for any paying client. Lex stripped all he had been doing down to its essence to find the joy he first had when he pursued this career. He did that by teaching the underprivileged and orang asli about barbering. This decision resulted in a profound awakening that reignited his passion for hairdressing and ultimately redefined his career from there on. As a result, this soul- searching journey has helped him re-focus on his passion for teaching, as well as men’s hairdressing, which are both his expertise. His passion and skill had now found a true purpose – one that he found can equip and bring change to someone’s life. His visits to the homes and the underprivileged, including the homeless community on the streets and teaching the Orang Asli youth about barbering gave him a glimpse of what it’s like to serve the community around him and the transformation it brings.