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Khim Joe

Khim Joe started her journey working with plants in the year 2007 when she was pursuing her undergraduate degree in the field of Landscape Architecture. She attended her first Permaculture Design Course in 2010 and the experience changes her view on life since then. Graduating from university, she started her career as a horticulturist with a local developer maintaining and managing indoor and outdoor landscape. After 3 years of exploring in landscape operation and management fields, she decided to further expand her vision in landscape consultancy. Her works involve working with the plants and elementals kingdom to uplift a given space, thus invoking the self-healing ability within the given space. She also focuses on using plants as food medicine to promote individuals’ well being physically and spiritually. Working with Nature helps to attune ourselves back to our natural self. Apart from providing consultation and education in relation to sustainable farming practices, she is also assisting in managing Kebun-kebun Bangsar located right in the middle of Bangsar city centre.