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Ippei Takahashi

Born in 1977 in Tokyo. He graduated from Tohoku University in 2000 received his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Yokohama National University in 2002. He was in charge of various projects including “Towada Art Center” (Aomori, 2008) and “Moriyama House” (Tokyo, 2005) while working under Ryue Nishizawa from 2002 to 2009. After founding “TAKAHASHI IPPEI OFFICE” in 2010, he carried out various successful projects; “Shichigahama Tohyama Nursery” in Miyagi which won the top prize for design proposal in 2013, “Casa O” in Tokyo (2014), “S City Block Master Planning” in Japan (2011-2016), "Restructuring Yokohama National University Campus” (2012-present) and "Apartment House in Tokyo" (2018). He is also currently an assistant professor at Yokohama National University.