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Ingrid van der Heijden

Civic is an office for public architecture. We design libraries, bridges, cultural buildings, public fora, squares, educational buildings, housing, sculptures and stations. Public architecture requires an approach that is simultaneously broad and deep. Civic strives for powerful architecture that is built to last and serves civic society, also by questioning it. Buildings are part of environments where people live, work and meet. In conceiving and building architecture, we anticipate the spatial but also social, cultural, economic and ecological context. The four partners have been cooperating since university, convinced that divers perspectives makes better designers and together they are more able to create valuable architecture. Time is important, as history is being made every day. Civic therefore gazes back in time and into the future. In dealing with history as a continuously changing thing and in connecting scales, ranging from urbanism to detailing. Architecture creates an atmosphere. The texture, acoustics, smell and colour of a space are just as important as its shape. We therefore take great care in the development of materials and their aging process. Civic creates spaces that leave a lasting impression. New ideas and proven strategies reinforce each other. For experimental techniques we build models and mock-ups to test its functionality and spatial experience. Civic is experimental, skilful, critical and realistic. Research plays a defining role in our process. In every phase we develop different options. We approach architecture from different scale levels and work with the best specialists. Ingrid van der Heijden - born in 1968 in The Netherlands - grew up believing that all architects were men. After a career in marketing (Transavia airlines, SNS bank) and a professional training as a cabinet-maker, she discovered that she had the spatial skills, drive and stamina to find her way in architecture. Ingrid co-founded Civic to deepen her all-round background with specific qualities. Her work focuses on architectural form, sensoric qualities of materials and production processes. She studies the evolution of building types, materials and their context and experiment with its possibilities. She seeks a sustainable architecture that is just as interesting in 50 years as it is now: poetic pragmatism, timeless and pioneering.