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Dr Welyne Jehom

Dr. Welyne Jeffrey Jehom has been heading the Center for Malaysian Indigenous Studies since 2018, and teaches Anthropology and Sustainable Development at the Department of Anthropology & Sociology, at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of University of Malaya. Her research engagement with the conservation of intangible cultural heritage began with a High Impact Research Grant in 2013. Ever since, her research interest has been focused on the development of indigenous intangible knowledge as a tool for rural development from within the community, in particular, community empowerment in the production, dissemination and conservation of pua kumbu in Sarawak. Since 2015, she has been developing the intangible knowledge of the pua kumbu into digital applications and polysensorial exhibitions such as the "Textile Tale of Pua Kumbu". Her most recent exhibition was in Paris, summer 2018. The community engagement of her academic research has been awarded the Malaysian Best Practice in Social and Economic Solidarity by the SSE (Solidaire et socio economique) project of  European Union in 2015. In the same year, she was the first-runner up of the Merdeka Award Challenge for the conservation of intangible knowledge. She is in the process of writing two volumes of book on the pua kumbu intangible knowledge conservation and development.