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Christian Trampedach

Christian Trampedach is a young guy from Denmark, and founder of @restless.arch on Instagram. In just 3 years, Christian has built an audience of +1.000.000 architecture-interested followers from all over the world, and is today considered as one of the strongest Instagram influencers within contemporary architecture. As a soon-to-be graduate in M. Sc. International Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School, Christian combines his passion for architecture and design with his knowledge and experiences within the field of business.   Restless Architecture is an Instagram magazine dedicated to showcase the very best of contemporary living. Since Restless Architecture was founded in 2016, it has featured countless interesting architectural projects from both renowned and less known architects and photographers to ensure that great contemporary projects receive the deserved recognition and acknowledgement. At the same time, Restless Architecture helps architects and designers to optimize their Instagram efforts by offering Instagram consulting and curation.