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Ar. Qhawarizmi Norhisham & Ar. Yasmin Rahman

Qhawa is obsessed in simulating the paradoxical state of intervening layer of scenarios with the social psyche. He resort to irony over honesty in architectural creation; always imagining the twisted, unintended and the unexpected. Ar. Yasmin Rahman Associate Architect of Qhawarizmi Architect + GBI Facilitator Yasmin’s love for humanitarian values have always reflected in her work. She gravitates on discussing crucial worldly subjects such food sufficiency, social mobility and ecosystem sustainability. She infuses more optimistic worldviews, despite what the refreshed newsfeed looks like About Qhawarizmi Architect It was born out of a passion to transform people’s lives by designing incredible spaces for them to live and work in. In addition to projects for homes and work spaces, we are also passionate about creating public spaces in important spots across the city. We design with you in mind.

Events by Ar. Qhawarizmi Norhisham & Ar. Yasmin Rahman