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Ar. Malek Hassan

Each Architecture has their own unique narrative, functions, eras, styles, forms, construction methods, structures and materials or metaphors that distinguish them from others. This award-winning architect was listed in 25 Young Asia Architects as a finalist for Emerging Architects, emphasis his interpretation of architectural design with methodical and meticulous planning his way of evoking positivity from psychological and sociological aspects are by his creative arrangement with lights, space, appropriate building materials and ventilation strategies. That being said, when proper materials is used combined with brilliant designs, each building will have their own meaningful story as well as their impact on public. Ar Malek Hassan received his Diploma in Architecture from ITM and University of Portsmouth, UK. He has gained experiences at Veritas Architects and GSD Architect before joining Akipraktis Architect in 2003. Since 2014, he has worked in collaboration with Akipraktis which received BCI Asia Awards for 12 times consecutive years. He has vast experience in multi-level stage with different building typology. Today, Ar Malek is recognized as a progressive, multi-tasking architect with his own style and design approached.