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About The Speaker

Ewe Jin Low

Ewe Jin Low is an architect who has practiced in England, Malaysia and Australia for more than 30 years. Over the last 7 years, Ewe Jin has refocused and committed his work towards bamboo design, building and teaching. He joined Ibuku in 2015 as Lead Architect and worked with the Ibuku team to create many of the bamboo buildings in Green School, Green Village Bali and in Ibuku’s projects internationally. He has also been actively promoting bamboo via talks and workshops in Bamboo U Bali since 2016 and over the last 3 years further advocating bamboo and architecture design teaching and mentoring within organisations and universities in South East Asia. In 2018, Ewe Jin started on his own bamboo journey further widening his experience and network in bamboo by delivering projects through TENTEN his architecture practice that operates in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. At the start of the 2020 covid pandemic, Ewe Jin returned from Bali to Melbourne and during the lockdowns he started a bamboo IG account @betterbamboobuildings as a bamboo building design platform. He subsequently launched a blog, Better Bamboo Buildings, sharing design information and insights that subsequently developed into a bamboo building design course and learning resource. Ewe Jin is currently working on bamboo building projects in South East Asia and writing a book on Bamboo Architecture to be published in 2021.