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Ar. Dr. Johnathan V. Manalad

Arch. Jonathan Manalad (Joey) has an extensive professional practice both as an architect andacademician that spans to 25 years, from 1994 to present. He holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture,major in Community Architecture (Urban Design) and minor in Housing from the University of thePhilippines. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas in 1993 within which, he had been sent as an international exchange student to the University of Greenwich in Kent, England that exposed him to British-based architecture curriculum and brought him to key cities in Europe and explored its major built environment wonders. His early exposures to international design practices has been his tool to be an effective design practitioner and academician. He finished his Ph.D. in Development Education at the CLSU Open University, Philippines. From 2000 up to present, he is actively involved as Assistant Professor at the University of Santo Tomas College of Architecture where he served as the Architectural Design Chairperson for 5 consecutive years. This position called for him to conceptualize programs within the department and oversee its implementation to provide effective delivery of the Design courses all in its five levels (1st year to 5th year), which is considered to be the backbone of the Program. As an architect and licensed environmental planner, he heads an independent architectural firm J.V. Manalad Design, Planning and Construction. His project involvement ranges from commercial, institutional, academic and residential undertakings. Currently, he is heavily involved with major master planning projects in Davao City and various architectural design projects in Metro Manila. In the UAP, he was the Chair of the Committee on Research and Academic Institutions under the Commission on Education for 3rd consecutive years from Fiscal Year 2015-2016 to 2017-2018. He is the founder of the Architects in the Academe Assembly (AAA) which is now institutionalized as an official program in our National Convention. He is currently the Executive Director of UAP Commission on Education under the presidency of UAP National President Ar. Benjamin K. Panganiban.