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Ar Adrianta Aziz

Ar Adrianta Aziz is an Architect & Educator, a partner of AR RAD Architects and ARN Consulting and Training which is the first Architectural Training Company in Malaysia. He graduated from UiTM in 1997 and Oxford Brookes, UK in Architecture and Urban Design in 1999. Upon returning from the UK in 2000, he has done various types of projects in Malaysia and currently he is involved in various place making projects for various local authorities in Malaysia. He is a Certified Trainer and has been involved in learning platform programmes named BeAr, LAP, ReLAP and PPW sharing the professionalism to young architects for the last 10 years. He had helped to produce more than 400 registered young Architects in Malaysia. He has conducted many seminars and programmes related to building industry and professionalisms. He is the PAM Malaysia Committee chairman for Education for the year 2021-2022 and Deputy Chairman of ACAE - ARCASIA Committee Architecture Education. Ar. Adrianta Aziz actively gives public talks in various events for organizations such as Developers, Universities & Schools , other public functions and has delivered his talk in India, Japan, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, USA, Thailand ,Indonesia & Brunei under ACAE platform. He also has his own TV programme in Malaysia namely “Project Urban” to educate the public regarding the importance of place making. He definitely will be continuing the process of discovery, inspiration, inventions and innovation to society.