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Talk at REX KL by Shin Chang & Shin Tseng

Published on : April 15, 2024
3 March, Sunday: The SHINing Duo - Shin Chang & Shin Tseng Founders of REXKL Currently, REXKL has been trending on social media and is often on the radar for Gen Z and millennials looking to get a taste of Downtown KL nightlife and savour a bit of culture, good vibes, and the occasional event. Since its reset in 2018, REXKL has become a hub for culture, arts, events, and culinary experiences. Once a dilapidated and forsaken building in Petaling Street, the REX as it was once called, was a historical landmark since the 1940s. It was firstly an iconic cinema, then depreciated into an indoor street bazaar and lastly, a forgotten downtrodden backpackers’ hotel. It is most fondly remembered as the REX cinema for KLites to watch the latest blockbusters like the first Jurassic Park or the first movie from the Star Wars franchise. In the psyche of KLlites, REXKL certainly has a place in everyone’s hearts. And much like enduring and vivid memories, the building has survived two major fires in its lifetime. Now, REXKL is a symbol and a shining torch bearer for contemporary multi-purpose venues. The Duo are two out of 7 founders of REXKL, several of whom are renowned designers, acting as advisors in the building’s reincarnation process. With their help, Shin Tseng and Shin Chang remodeled the building from the ground up, revamping every aspect of the project from F&B to marketing. ”We are here due to passion and a search for identity, when both of us returned from overseas, we wanted to be a part of a new narrative for KL and we felt that there was potential REXKL could offer to the city.” “REX KL will be a hub to redefine who we are as KLites. We foresee REXKL as our first and constantly evolving project for the next 10 years,” says Shin Tseng.