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Talk at National Textile Museum by Janet Tee

Published on : April 15, 2024
10 March, Sunday: The Power of Experience - National Textile Museum, Janet Tee Completed in 1905, the building that now houses the National Textile Museum traces its roots deep in the British Occupancy of Malaysia. Designed by A. B. Hubback, the building features Moghul Architecture that now has been gazetted as a historical building and national heritage. It is located in Jalan Hishamudin near the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. But despite its old shell, nothing about the contents of the museum should be treated like a forgone memory. Former National Textile Museum Director Janet Tee says the museum exists to inculcate an interest and inspire enthusiasts of the arts and textile to use the museum as a resource centre and place of inspiration. Its contents, as she says, holds power. “Museums offer experiences, ideas, and spirit-filled experiences not found in other places. These are derived from authentic objects of history, science, culture, nature and the arts which museums collect over time and displayed. The sharing of sensory experiences with three-dimensional objects conjure the past and present and reveal interpretation and research of culture, heritage, social, geographical and possibly provide answers and meaning to the future. Museums provide the REAL experience” Thus, the museum invokes emotion like appreciation, gratitude and patriotism to the history of our nation. It is through this we develop existential awareness of how our nation has developed through time. It is only when we experience the power behind this object that we truly discover the value of direct engagement.