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Talk at Kafei Dian by Ar Farid Baharuddin

Published on : April 15, 2024
9 March, Saturday: Merdeka 118 - Putting Malaysia On the Map - Ar. Farid Baharuddin In Kafe Dian, the room was filled with anticipation as Director of RSP Architects, Ar. Farid Baharuddin spoke about his journey with the landmark Merdeka 118. The Launch of Merdeka 118 was a historical episode for the nation, the completed tower stands as the 2nd tallest building just after the Burj Al Khalifa at 678.9m, placing Malaysia right at the forefront of modern engineering. With a unique diamond-shaped facade and spire design, the building was intricately designed by RSP Architects under a JV with Fender Katsalidis, with Ar. Farid’s involvement since its inception. Set in a prime location, Merdeka 118 is directly integrated with all the rail networks in the city with the ‘Merdeka’ MRT, two LRT stations as well as the monorail. The building’s address is appropriate as its location is culturally and historically significant. Overlooking Stadium Merdeka, where Malaysia’s independence was declared, the tower symbolises the union of the historic and the contemporary. Now it has become the new focal point on the skyline of our nation’s capital city. The tower is located within the same vicinity as Petaling Street, Merdeka Stadium, Merdeka Square as well as Chin Woo Stadium further the narrative that it is the climax of the marriage between the present and the past.