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About Tomorrow

What is tomorrow really like? Architects are visionaries and dreamers. The cities of the future are in their minds, smart devices and sketch books. The desire to peer into the future is a constant

KLAF2019 seeks to present some ideas, thoughts and arguments on what the future is really going to be like. This is covered under four umbrella headings

Shelter and Future Food presents real ideas and propositions for survival, basic shelter, housing, day-to-day skills, alternative materials, sustainable and urban farming, food security, environmental and ecological stewardship, ethical anthropocentrism and the future of agricultural technology. Shelter and its sub-events AWAS, BambooArk, New House for Orang Asli and Tooling+Making will be held at the new cultural district dubbed A2D2. Future Food with its farmers market, bazaar, forum and cooking+eating will be held at Publika

Architecture + Art brings together art, science, history, technology and finance, and will host the first Art + Architecture Auction, art installation and architectural exhibitions and several new publications. Architectural exhibitions include Unsung Heroes at Galeri Petronas, Recent Malaysian Architecture at The National Art Gallery, Heritage for Tomorrow, Esok Lusa – Tomorrow, and The Day After and Built Environment: An Alternative Guide To Japan – Japan Foundation at the brand new REXKL and Art Exhibitions at Ruang KL

DATUM:KL and Archidex will be the main events of KLAF2019 and provide the curtain closer where new design, ideas and technology will be presented on an international stage. DATUM:KL conference will present, deliberate and study essential ideas, thoughts and concepts for a better tomorrow In addition

Tomorrowland pavilion will show case the latest in imaging and imaginary technologies, talks and discussions on the way ahead

KLAF2019 will see the 10th anniversary celebration of GBI in Malaysia with the launch of a new book and a celebratory luncheon. Archidex will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary. KLAF2019 will be a greener event with the introduction of the Let’s Walk and Roll green carbon free city tours

In conclusion festivals are held for people to come and enjoy and have a great time. Learning more about our eco-system and having a small peek into the future will help us pave the way for a better tomorrow

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